“I am that channel that parents can trust, kids will enjoy watching, and that ASMR adults whose inner child needs comforting will enjoy too!”



I was 8 years old. I was in grade three, and a boy in my class was speaking about his book report. His way of speaking and soft voice made me feel so relaxed, I remember thinking that I never wanted him to stop talking!

Once again, watching the Lion King, the part where rafiki is talking softly/kindly to Simba while they look into the lagoon at his reflection. I must have re-winded and re watched that section as a child 40/50 times in a setting. Take a look at the clip here (starts at 1:09).

I didn’t learn the term ASMR until about 4 years ago, I just knew that when certain people spoke in certain ways, that it made me feel really nice and relaxed.

“I thought that I was just a weirdo, until I realized that there are thousands of people around the world that are like me.”


ASMR is like “insta relaxation”, being able to reach a powerfully relaxed state automatically without having to think about it. I think that this is extremely valuable for people like myself who tend to spiral, and have trouble getting out of their own heads.

It is a great alternative to meditation.

“In my first video, I explain that it’s like a super power”

because not everyone has the ability to feel it. This child friendly ASMR discussion starts at 6:24. Click here to watch it .

ASMR to me feels like a warm, whooshing sensation going up and down my back, accompanied with a tingling sensation on my temples and back of my neck. When I am experiencing ASMR, I feel very calm, my breathing slows, and I feel as if I am snuggling into a little cocoon.


I have been viewing ASMR my whole life, but I did not feel the push to start my own channel until my career change. I used to be a Kindergarten teacher, and recently made the difficult decision to leave the field.

I realized that one of the key reasons I wanted to be a teacher was so I could comfort and nurture children the way I craved to be when I was young.

“When I am Miss Kate, I still get to spread some joy and help youngsters, while exploring the exciting opportunity of a new career; ASMRtist.”

My new dream is to become a full time ASMRtist specializing in relaxing content for children. I hope to grow my channel so that I can create content while traveling the world, connecting and collaborating with children’s charities and like minded ASMRtists.

More kids know about ASMR than adults, and they are swapping and watching videos at school without their parents knowledge. Not all ASMR videos are for kids, and it is really rare to find a channel that is top to bottom, child friendly.

I am that channel that parents can trust, kids will enjoy watching, and that ASMR adults whose inner child needs comforting will enjoy too! I encourage parents to talk to their kids about online safety, and continually highlight that my channel is 100% kid friendly.

I am hoping to be a trail blazer for a new genre of ASMR that is especially for kids, as a way to separate my content from any kinds of ASMR that children should not be watching. #everychildasmr #misskateasmr #asmrforkids

“I get most of my ideas and inspiration for videos from my time as a teacher, so I don’t think my channel would really be “me” if it wasn’t for children.”


I have struggled with depression and anxiety all of my life, even as a child. This is why I have found ASMR super healing, and want to share it with children who are struggling with their mental health.

I would rush home to watch “Mister Rogers Neighborhood” even as a teenager, because it made me feel good. Little did I know that the reason I enjoyed watching it, was because it triggered ASMR, helping me cope with the anxiety and depression I was feeling.

“I had a collection of videos that I would watch for years before learning what ASMR was.”

In addition to my favorite Mister Rogers clips, I watched DIY gift wrapping videos, Alexander Technique posture videos, and the same clip from Edward Scissor hands on repeat.


Mental health issues, PTSD, and insomnia is on the rise, and ASMR is one of the ways that these experiences can be managed. It is important that I clarify ASMR should not be used in place of real medical/professional help, but it is something that can be used in tandem with other treatment methods.

Even for those of us who are lucky enough not to be struggling with mental health, ASMR is the antidote to the crazy, fast paced, over demanding constraints that all of us feel daily.

“We as humans are craving quiet, space, and the permission to slow down.”

ASMR is always best experienced in real life, but watching videos simulating ASMR inducing events is a great alternative. I predict that the ASMR trend will continue to grow and flourish in relation to the amount of stress and demands put on society.

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