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“I am that channel that parents can trust, kids will enjoy watching, and that ASMR adults whose inner child needs comforting will enjoy too!” HOW WAS YOUR FIRST ASMR EXPERIENCE? I was 8 years old. I was in grade three, and a boy in my class was speaking about his book report. His way of […]

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ASMR Humble

“I can positively say that I’ve achieved my goal of helping others” TELL US ABOUT YOUR FIRST ASMR EXPERIENCE I was in 2nd grade in school, staring up at the whiteboard while my teacher was writing with a marker on it, i’d constantly get goosebumps and feel extremely relaxed, which is now referred to as […]

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“ASMR helps with stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, among other benefits. I have been approached by one or more people who have told me that my ASMR has helped them with each of these issues” HOW WAS YOUR FIRST ASMR EXPERIENCE? I was listening to my teacher read a story and it just happened. I […]

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ASMR Happiness

Ilana from ASMR Happiness shares her ow ASMR story, as well as the effects of ASMR according to her followers. FIRST ASMR EXPERIENCE I was exploring on Instagram and stumbled upon an account that used sounds as a means of relaxation. I don’t believe I was very familiar with ASMR at the time, but I […]

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“ASMR helps with stress. The majority of people who listen to asmr are stressed and want something quiet to calm their busy minds” FIRST ASMR EXPERIENCE My first ASMR experience was on YouTube. I was watching a video called the quietest room on earth and the guy was whispering. The video was really relaxing and […]

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