Have you ever wonder why is ASMR popular? why it happens? You probably already know what ASMR feels like, but do you know what ASMR does to your brain? what’s ASMR used for? Who experiences ASMR? Who likes ASMR? Are ASMR tingles real? Are ASMR videos healthy? Why are ASMR videos relaxing and what are ASMR videos suppose to do? How to get tingles and why are ASMR videos so satisfying? 

The truth is there is a lot of ASMR Research to do, to understand why and how ASMR became an internet phenomenon. However, the undeniable truth is, people are using ASMR for sleeping & relaxation, studying & working; to cope with anxiety, headaches, depression, insomnia & stress; and conditions such as autism, ADHD & epilepsy. Tingles are here to help, and everyday more fans are sharing their “How ASMR helped me” stories in the community.
We want to know when do you experience ASMR? Is it when listening to music, when someone plays with your hair, when listening to others praying, whispering, tapping, talking? is it with food, slime, music or visual stimulation?  What are some of your favorite role-plays: chiropractic, barber, massage, facial treatment, spa, being helped or supported?
One thing is for sure, ASMR and mental health are strongly related and is part of our mission to research why! The good news are, you can be part of building our community stronger by filling out the interview, it takes a couple minutes AND, as a way to give back for your time, we are offering gift and discounted products + online freebies!

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YASS!! I’m an ASMRtist & I’m in!

YASS!! I’m an ASMR fan & I’m in!




-Descriptive Investigation

-Participants: ASMRtists, ASMR fans

-Materials: Interview: this instrument contains Open Questions, Multiple Choice Questions and Demographic Questions that will help our team gather as much information as we can about the ASMR phenomenon & community