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Ilana from ASMR Happiness shares her ow ASMR story, as well as the effects of ASMR according to her followers.



I was exploring on Instagram and stumbled upon an account that used sounds as a means of relaxation. I don’t believe I was very familiar with ASMR at the time, but I discovered the different possibilities and opportunities ASMR could offer

“I was intrigued to discover that I wasn’t the only person who felt calm from watching these videos”


It was a bit strange at first, but I felt so relaxed that any ounce of strangeness didn’t seem to register with me. I found myself particularly drawn to the videos with tapping and scratching different objects, as it mentally brought me back to a time when my mother would scratch my back or my friends would play with my hair and I would feel calm and tingly. I guess you could say it felt more natural as I began to listen to more sounds and allowed the sounds to take me to a simpler time

“ASMR has helped thousands and thousands of people and it’s sleeping and relaxation purposes”

Many people who hear ASMR for the first time or only watch one or two videos tend to have a very generic and simplistic outlook of what ASMR has to offer. In other means, they may think it’s “weird” and “annoying” as they simply hear these sounds out of context and don’t understand its benefit in the ASMR community.


I started sharing my ASMR content with the world about 2 years ago. I remember how relaxed and sleepy I felt watching ASMR, so I only wanted to share my relaxation and happiness. For me, creating my ASMR account was never about the followers or the publicity or the likes. I didn’t even think I would have people who genuinely expressed interest in my videos, let alone follow me.

I started my account because I wanted people to feel the same relaxation I felt watching ASMR— even if it was only a few hundred

” I felt that any contribution to this wonderful community was worth my time. ”

I feel that with my ASMR account, I have been able to achieve exactly what I would have hoped. I have received hundreds of messages from people who have told me how helpful my videos have been to them.

I received messages from people who have said my videos helped them cope with their depression and anxiety, and even helped rid suicidal thoughts. I especially connected with that as I suffer from anxiety myself, one of the main reasons I started ASMR.

“I needed a way to cope with my crippling anxiety and find a way to relax that was healthy and beneficial”

I also had a girl reach out to me who had a rare form of cancer, telling me my videos have helped her stay calm throughout her treatments and that I keep her positive throughout each day. I couldn’t even believe I was making such an impact in people’s lives through my videos.

It was astonishing and I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity I’ve been given.


A lot of ASMR is mental, in that the sounds people are hearing help relax and calm people down as they envision themselves in a simpler place. All of this requires some form of imagination or psychological aspect, wherein you must imagine yourself as something you’re not in order to put yourself into a tranquil and relaxed state

“A lot of the sounds we produce require people to envision themselves in a particular mental state. This is also why I feel not everybody can experience ASMR. Because not everybody has the ability to move to that mental state.”

ASMR has helped people cope with anxiety, depression, insomnia, all sleep- related issues, illnesses, stress, fear, and more. ASMR has sounds for everybody and everybody can enjoy them if they give them a chance!


I think it’s definitely getting assimilated into mainstream culture. It’s become such an amazing platform to help millions of people on all different forms of media— Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

I think as ASMR expands, it will become much more personalized to fit everybody’s individual needs. Perhaps there will be more of a focus on “ASMR for disabilities” or “ASMR for people with insomnia”. I know many ASMRtists are even offering personalized videos, where you can request exactly the type of things you’d like to include in the video.

“I think that ASMR has the potential to do so much, and I know that as an ASMRtist myself I will be extremely willing to bend and maneuver my videos to fit the needs of the population”

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